Mr Richard Alcantara a FAKE PRIEST in the Philippines. 

  Mr. Richard Alcantara is not a priest of this Catholic Church. We remind all that he holds NO sacraments or license to dispense the sacraments or hold a Mass. He is un-educated and has no training in seminary and or any idea of how to do a simple Mass. We have been clearly informed in writing that he has been informing people that he will ordain them for vast amounts of money in several countries. Furthermore he has deceived vast amounts of money from faithful for his own financial gain. 

• .Under church law, only three classes of people can challenge the validity of an ordination or consecration. The Recipient of the sacrament,   His diocesan ordinary, (Archbishop Atkinson-Wake) and the  Ordinary of the diocese (Archbishop Atkinson-Wake) where the sacrament was conferred    **All other persons, says the Canonist Cappello and Gregory Hesse STD. JCD, lack the right to do so.

Mr Ricky Alcantara is a layman, he is pretending to be a real clergyman. He is to be avoided at all costs. Canon law is clear on those who pretend to be a priest misleading the Lords faithful.
We re-confirm that Mr Ricky Alcantara is not a real priest of any rank within the Catholic Church.


WORLDWIDE College of Bishop's of the Catholic Church of England & Wales.