Dr. Milan Kucera. LL.M. PH.D. Canon Lawyer.

Who is Dr. Milan Kucera.

Dr. Kucera Kucera, LL.M. PH.D. Studied both Mundane law and Catholic Canon law (both Roman Catholic Canon Law and the Code of Canons of Oriental Churches) at Charles University in Prague (established in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV) I, graduated with a Master's degree in 2007. 

He, later achieved a Ph.D. in European Studies.   He is a former Novitiate of the Dominican Friars at St. Giles Monastery in Prague.  
He has carefully studied Archbishop James Atkinson-Wakes apostolic succession and as a lawyer trained in canon law, dogmatic theology, moral theology and ecclesiastical history . 

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Please understand  I am not an Old Catholic, a schismatic or a protestant. None of that. I have lived in unity with the Roman Catholic Church all my life. And yet I carefully studied Your Excellency's apostolic succession and as a lawyer trained in canon 1aw, dogmatic theology, moral theology and ecclesiastical history I came to an absolutely clear conclusion that Your Excellency is: 

 (a) a validly (though probably illicitly --but even that is a matter of discussion) consecrated bishop,   
 (b) not just any Christian bishop, but a Catholic bishop,  a bishop consecrated in the pre-Vatican II form,  
 a bishop consecrated by a Catholic bishop who himself was consecrated in the pre-Vatican II form by a pre-Vatican II bishop.  

 I have zero doubt that when His Excellency Carlos Duarte Costa consecrated His Excellency Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez, given the material and formal conditions being duly met, it was an absolutely valid consecration.......
 ....In turn, I have zero doubt when His Excellency Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez consecrated Your Excellency, you received absolutely valid episcopal consecration of the Catholic, pre-Vatican II type. That is no small thing. I am a very sceptical man and f have innate distrust regarding the claims to apostolic succession of Old Catholics (either Utrecht Line or other lines), Anglican s, American Episcopals, Lutherans (those that do claim succession) and others, However, nothing is more neat and clear than Lord Archbishop Duarte Costa consecrating Lord Patriarch Castillo Mendez who in turn consecrated Your Excellency.   

Dr Milan Kucera further states the following:

Of all those claiming apostolic succession, I have yet to find a case with stronger claims to apostolic succession than Your Excellency. I have spent the last eight months researching this matter in much depth. Most are several times removed from a verified, non-disputable source of Roman Catholic apostolic succession, or the question of Vatican-II arises (either the form of consecration or the person of the consecrator. Either the material, the form or the intent are to some extent questionable). 

 Whoever tries to degrade, denounce or ridicule your apostolic succession (I have done my research. Your Excellency). has little or no knowledge of canon law and ecclesiastical- history. Thus, Your Excellency, you have the power, and as the Archbishop also the jurisdiction, to lay your hands on men who are the proper material and have the proper intent. and cite the proper rite.