About the Superior General


 James Atkinson-Wake was a former NHS Nurse before changing his vocation in to civil law. He entered in to the Catholic Church in 1990 in Minor Holy Orders beginning with Door keeper, Acolyte, Tonsure etc. Upon him studying Canon law and completing his training as Sub -deacon and Deacon at the Cathedral in London he was ordained sacred priest after finally passing 7 years of Theology.    
 He was finally appointed as the Archbishops Legal Chancellor running  a legal team of lawyers for and on behalf of the Archbishop.   
 Finally, he was selected and nominated as Diocesan Bishop of Cambridge, England    by Most Rev'd Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez. His Holiness the Patriarch of Brazil. Archbishop of Brasilia Distro Federal only soon after to be appointed as Secretary of Doctrine and Faith of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church (Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasileira).   


 James was elevated by Patriarchal decree and installed as Archbishop of London by His Holiness. He was elevated as a Cardinal of the Church by Patriarchal decree for which was signed and sealed in the presence of Notaries in Brasilia Distro Federal were it was their-fore legalised by the government offices of Brazil and the British Embassy in Brasilia DF before being furthermore legalised by the Foreign and commonwealth Office in London.       

The Latin Rite Catholic Church of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland was then granted Sui Juris by His Holiness appointing James as the Primate. 

On the 27th October 2009 during an Ad Lima visit to His Holiness. James was installed and appointed by Patriarchal Decree as his chosen successor to lead the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church. He was appointed, installed in the presence of Archbishop John Carroll from Wales and Bishop Brian Dineley from Scotland and several Brazilian Church priests. 

 Since 2004, James has been leading the Roman Catholic Church of England & Wales including the religious society's called the Roman Catholic Society of Pope Leo XIII including the Benedictine Celestine Renewal since 2018. (The reason it is called Roman is because the Rite and Rubrics used is the Latin Rite Rites and Rubrics. All Catholic Churches that use the Latin Rite has the right to be known as Roman) It Is Catholic because the Rite and Rubrics used are Catholic in form and origin pre-Vatican II, the same rites and rubrics used by our forefathers before Vatican II was established as a new modern evangelical religion.

 James is supported by  local conference of bishops in many countries which makes up the college of bishops worldwide. All of the Roman Catholic Latin Rite Bishops within this Latin Rite Catholic Church hold valid and licit apostolic succession transmitted from the sacred hands of Archbishop James and several  co-consecrators also known as assistants.   The apostolic succession is an undisputed unbroken Roman Catholic line from the hands of James through His Holiness, Patriarch Castillo Mendez episcopally ordained and consecrated on the 03rdMay 1948 through the Roman Catholic Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa episcopally ordained and consecrated on 08th December 1924 who in turn was consecrated by Roman Catholic Cardinal Sebastião Cardinal Leme da Silveira Cintra. Archbishop of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Cardinal-Priest of Santi Bonifacio ed Alessio who was episcopally ordained and consecrated on 04th June 1911 elevated as a cardinal on the 30th June 1930 all the way back to the Apostle Peter also known as Simon Peter chosen by Jesus Christ along with some 11 other apostles.   



Rev'd Mr. James newly ordained latin rite deacon.


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Father James newly ordained latin rite priest.


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Diocesan Bishop James newly ordained & consecrated.


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Episcopal Ordination & Consecration of the Superior General

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Con-celebration with His Holiness

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