The main goal of this Latin Rite Catholic Church is to preserve the Catholic Faith in its fullness and purity, to teach its truths, and to diffuse its virtues, especially through the Roman Catholic priesthood. Authentic spiritual life, the sacraments, and the traditional liturgy are its primary means of bringing this life of grace to souls.

Although the traditional Latin Mass is the most visible and public expression of the work of this Church, we are committed to defending Catholic Tradition in its entirety: all of Catholic doctrine and morals as the Church has always defended them. What people need is the Catholic Faith, without compromise, with all the truth and beauty which accompanies it.

 As a Catholic Church, our role in the Universal Church is to be a witness to what Catholic life was like before the disastrous changes in the Catholic Church in the 20th century. Without inventing anything on our own, we hope to contribute to the restoration of all things in Christ by sharing what we have received from the Universal Church with the Church at large.

Did you know this fact !

The Tridentine Mass was the most widely used Mass Liturgy in the World until the introduction of the Mass of Pope Paul VI in 1969.