Everyone makes up their own story so here is the true facts.

Their has been so many stories made up by many Roman catholic Vatican II clerics and those who are of Anglicanorum Coetibus who are not catholic priests what so ever as it is clear the intent is wrong for them to attain to be for example, a catholic bishop can only ordain a catholic priest for the catholic church to use the catholic rite and rubrics then can not ordain a catholic priest to use anglican rite and rubrics and that is exactly what Anglicanorum coetibus does. 

Now, many reports made up have made many wrongful assumptions in regards various bishops of CCEW pictured with then Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II and con-celebrating Mass vested and mitred at St Peters Basilica and including con-celebrating at the beatification of Pope John Paul II. They may have reached their own conclusion by:

1. not being theologically educated and educated in canon law notwithstanding that newspaper reports that has been written with twists attached to them, but if those had read the newspaper reports carefully and with accuracy then they would have come to a correct conclusion. 

Several CCEW bishops have met Pope Benedict XVI because in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II our Apostolic Succession as catholic bishops is in tact, an unbroken line from bishop to bishop (Dominus Iesus). One of the most purest lines to such a claim in this modern world. 

Despite canon law can be implied of the 1917, the 1983 canon law has no effect, but in regards validity of the transmission of Holy Orders of the spirit. Illicitness is fully within the power of Canon Law to determine....but in(validity) is in the power of God the Holy Spirit, and so validity occurs purely in the Order of Grace, and Canon Law can not touch, change, affect, or determine that in any way

Therefore our 4 years of talks with the Vatican Curia was a sign of looking for a way forward in building bridges of the differences that existed between us as bishops, the con-celebrations was a sign from the Vatican of their intent to find a way of building bridges that included: our approved & arranged meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, Beatification of Pope John Paul II and Thanks giving Mass with Cardinal Diswiz at St Peters Basilica and many more events. 

  1. Anyone who says and or thinks that anyone dressed simply as a bishop can walk in to the Vatican City are delusional. 

  1. Anyone who has been to St peters will clearly be aware that the heavy layers of security that one has to pass through each step of the way. It is a police state, Vatican Police, Secret Service and Swiss Guards.
  2. One can only obtain access to a meeting with any Pope by invitation.   

  1. One can only be invited to vest and con-celebrate Mass at St Peters Basilica by invitation. 

  1. One can only attend various curial offices within the Vatican City by invitation.  

Only by talks coming to an end from the side of CCEW did any further invitations stop. 

The newspaper reports have stated with the following comments: 

  • La Stampa “Archbishop Atkinson-Wake is a Schismatic belonging to a schismatic group ICAB founded by Catholic Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa and therefore the Holy See curia refuses to recognise him officially as a Catholic Bishop
  •  Catholic Herald under the heading; Breakaway group seeks unity with Rome  “In the eyes of the Church Bishop Atkinson-Wake's ordination as a bishop is valid but illicit he was ordained by bishops with the Apostolic Succession and has passed this on to other bishops he has ordained, but all of this is without the sanction of the Catholic Church”.  

How did this information come about. 

That is simple. Archbishop Atkinson-Wakes secretary leaked private photographs and documents on social media informing the religious community of these private talks. His secretary was removed from his post and since the leaked photos and reports Archbishop Atkinson-Wake has made not comment to the newspapers or to others. 

Hence why the newspapers are producing their own reports. Why has Archbishop Atkinson-Wake and or any of his bishops not made any comments. That is simple, they are busy running their parishes, churches and communicating with the faithful and the college of bishops do not believe that it is correct for the newspaper to act as Judge and Jury as this is an act for God alone.