Part 1.

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“Pope” Francis’s jihad against the Catholic priesthood under the guise of taking a stand against “clericalism” is another clear indicator that we are not dealing with a true pontiff but with an enemy of the Catholic Church in rather unconvincing disguise. He must be exposed for what he is — a pretender to the Chair of Peter — not feebly resisted as simply a wayward pope. The longer he is allowed to falsely function in his putative 

Part 2.

The betrayal was just beginning. In mid-September, Modernist Rome cut a deal with Beijing that gave Bergoglio’s blessing to seven bishops appointed by the Communist government. A bleak New York Times headline accurately described what was going on: “With Vatican Talks and Bulldozers, China Aims to Control Christianity”.

Then, in early October, the rotten agreement yielded more bad fruit as bulldozers turned their menacing attention to historic sites of Catholic pilgrimage, destroying two Marian s