Who is the Roman Catholic Church of England & Wales.

Founded from the Brazilian Catholic Church by His Holiness Patriarchate of Brazil by Patriarchal Bull in 2004.


His Excellency. Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa was consecrated as the Roman Catholic Diocesan Bishop of Botucatu in Brazil on December 8, 1924, until certain views he expressed about the treatment of the Brazil’s poor, by both the civil government and the Roman Catholic Church in Brazil caused for his removal from the Diocese of Botucatu.   

His Excellency was subsequently named as punishment as Titular bishop of Maurensi by the late Pope Pius XI of the Roman Catholic Church in 1937. His Excellency, Most Reverend Lord Carlos Duarte Costa had been a strong advocate in the 1930s for the reform of the Roman Catholic Church, he challenged many of the key issues such as 

• Divorce, 

• challenged mandatory celibacy for the clergy, and publicly stated his contempt regarding. (This is not a theological point, but a disciplinary one ) 

Even at this moment in time in an interview with Germany's Die Zeit magazine the current Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis is considering allowing married priests as was in the old time including lets not forget married bishops and we could quote many Bishops, Cardinals and Popes over the centurys prior to Vatican II who was married.   

• abuses of papal power, including the concept of Papal Infallibility, which the bishop considered a misguided and false dogma. His Excellency President Getúlio Dornelles Vargas asked the Holy See of Rome for the removal of His Excellency Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa from the Diocese of Botucatu. The Vatican could not do this directly.   
Therefore the Apostolic Nuncio to Brazil entered into an agreement with the Secretary of the Diocese of Botucatu to obtain the resignation of His Excellency, Most Reverend Lord. Carlos Duarte Costa as Diocesan Bishop of Botucatu. This sneaky act by the secretary in the daily documents and reports that Most Reverend Lord Carlos Duarte Costa always had to sign placed the resignation letter within a series of documents which His Excellency, Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa signed as a result of the deception. The Diocesan secretary of Botucatu informed the Holy See of Rome that His Excellency, Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa had signed the document mistakenly without his excellency reading it. The Holy See of Rome renounced claims that Most Reverend Dom. Carlos Duarte Costa letter of resignation was a forgery based on the verbal evidence of the  Secretary of the Diocese. 

His Excellency's resignation was accepted by His Holiness Pope Pius XI on the 22nd September 1937. After the acceptance of his resignation His Excellency, Most Reverend Lord Carlos Duarte Costa was appointed Titular Bishop of Maura, an extinct diocese of Africa. He was permitted to have his full sacramental privileges by His Eminence, Most Reverend Cardinal Sebastião Leme da Silveira Cintra, until his eminence the cardinal passed away in 1942. The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy decided that now the bishops spiritual protector was dead, they would persecute Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa openly and that is exactly what happened and continues to this day to his successors. After the forced resignation and alleged excommunication. Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa made a speech on the 18th August 1945 which contained some 11 pages for brief it stated:   

  "I consider today one of the happiest days of my life." 

Excommunication may it be known to the Brazilian public that the Bishop of Rome, Eugenio Pacelli, has no authority to excommunicate me and in accord with what I have made public, I am a more authentic Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, as I was elected by popular acclamation of the Brazilian people, than he, the Bishop of Rome, elected by Italian Cardinals. Nor does the present century accept excommunication, a political tool of the Middle Ages when the Bishop of Rome, seemingly oblivious to the evangelical Magna Carta contained in the Sermon on the Mount, spewed forth his hatred against emperors and kings, who did not submit to the will of him. A few months prior to an attempt to excommunicate him by the Bishop of Rome. Archbishop Duarte Costa founded as His Excellency the Archbishop of Rio de Janerio by re-establishing the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil (Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira) on the 5 July 1945. He published his Manifesto on July 25, 1945.

 He was the was the main founder and first Patriarch of the Brazilian Catholic Church and its international extension, the Worldwide Communion of Catholic Apostolic National Churches. This is the reason why the Bishop of Rome in late August 1945 threatened to excommunicate him for founding a new catholic church which would implement changes such as:  

 1. Clerical celibacy was abolished, though he himself never married and remained celibate. 

Rules for the reconciliation of divorced and remarried persons were implemented. (although in August 2015 the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II has taken the same stand in regards this) 

The liturgy was translated into the vernacular.   

Clergy were expected to live and work among the people, and support themselves and their ministries, by holding secular employment.  

Upon Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa's death in 1961. Archbishop Luis Fernando Castillo Méndez was elected president of the Episcopal Council, and was designated Patriarch of ICAB and  ICAN (the international church communion).   H.E, Archbishop Castillo Mendez as a young bishop was tortured on orders of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Venezuela, he was imprisoned and his flesh was severally burned with hot irons and told to give up his faith, vocation and office. He refused and was rescued by Archbishop Carlos Duarte Costa weeks later by hiding in an airport toilet and he was smuggled on to private air plane and taken to Brazil where he undertook Brazilian citizenship. He never once thought that his friend and principal consecrator would one day be an inspiration to the religious world and that he would be the Patriarch of the Brazilian Catholic Church to succeed Archbishop Duarte Costa.  

 His Holiness Patriarch Lord Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez was in private talks with His Holiness, Pope John Paul II in a vision on returning the Brazilian Catholic Church back to Rome as an Autocephalous Catholic Church not to dissimilar to that what the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch did. However the Council of Bishops of the new Brazilian Catholic Church had voted against re-joining the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II. The bishops claimed that much suffering and torture had been inflicted upon them largely at the urging of the Roman Catholic Church and that unless they purged their actions and sought forgiveness for their years of actions, then they could not join as one as the split caused by the Roman Catholic Church remains even to this day.   



His Holiness, Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez served as Patriarch of Brazil and the Catholic Church of England  & Wales .

The Catholic Church of England & Wales was founded by him directly as a Sui Juris Latin Rite Church until his death on the 29th October 2009.   

Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake was the former Secretary of Doctrine & Faith of the Brazilian Catholic Church Patriarchate from 2005 to 2009 appointed by Patriarchal decree. He was elevated as Archbishop and then as Cardinal of the United Kingdom by His Holiness, Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez a position that he currently holds today as the true rightful successor to the late Patriarch.  

The church is Sui Juris sometimes spelt as Sui iuris, is a Latin phrase that literally means "of one's own right". It is used in both civil law and canon law by the Catholic Church

The term church sui iuris is used in the Catholic Code of Canons of the Oriental Churches (CCEO) to denote the autonomous churches in Catholic communion: A church sui iuris is "a community of the Christian faithful, which is joined together by a hierarchy according to the norm of law and which is expressly or tacitly recognized as sui iuris by the supreme authority of the Church" (CCEO.27). The term sui iuris is an innovation of the CCEO, and it denotes the relative autonomy of the oriental Catholic Churches. This canonical term, pregnant with many juridical nuances, indicates the God-given mission of the Oriental Catholic Churches to keep up their patrimonial autonomous nature. 

Archbishop Atkinson-Wake leading the Catholic Church of England & Wales.

 To this day Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake leads the college of bishops of the worldwide catholic Church of England & Wales. He is the most senior elevated Bishop consecrated as a Diocesan Bishop and elevated to his current positions by the late Patriarch of Brazil. Most Reverend Dom. Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez.

Due to Archbishop James reaching high positions and being the first ever Non Brazilian being elevated to such a prominent position some of the Brazilian Bishop of the New re-established Brazilian Catholic Church have taken a dislike to Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and have spread vast lies in regards him. Despite documents witnessed by Notarys in Brazil and witnessed by Brazilian Government officials including the British Embassy in Brazil support the truth that this website and what he states. 

Vast documents can be found here.

In regards the Brazilian Catholic Church. Since November 2009, the Catholic Church of England & Wales broke all communication after the death of the late Patriarch of Brazil over differences between the new reformed Brazilian Catholic Church under its new leader self appointed. 

The reason was due to doctrinal differences in the fact that we are Tridentine Latin Rite and the new leader disagreed with our use, the language and Rites used being Roman. However this has no effect upon the Catholic Church of England & Wales in any way as they not only was established by Patriarch Bull that was granted by the late Patriarch in 2004 full autonomy.

Our relationship with the new catholic religion Vatican II

Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake entered in to private talks with the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II for 4 years.


Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake entered in to private talks with the Roman Catholic Church then under H.H. Pope Benedict XVI from 2008 to 2011. After many years of secret talks and co-celebrating many Masses at St Peter's Basilica, Rome and only after these talks broke down. He decided that the Church at that time that appointed by decree as Primate by His Holiness Patriarch Luis Fernando Castillo Mendez have to many differences.  Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake decided that the Church was better off without being in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II.   

As lawful Catholics or even as Catholic Latin Rite bishops not a part of the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II who assumed the sole name Catholic Church which is really the ROMAN Catholic Church. 

Receipt from the Vatican Official Photographer


To this day the various Roman Catholic Bishops of Vatican II new religion play with words and tell untruths including twist words such as:

“Archbishop Atkinson-Wake can not be officially recognised :

“ but unofficially he can be?”


Due to these actual matters and facts which has made a large impact of this statement and for this story to be told by the Vatican Curia that Archbishop Atkinson-Wake firstly did not and was not introduced to H.H. Pope Benedict XVI as per published photographs. 

Due to these actual matters and facts which has made a large impact of this statement and for this story to be told by the Vatican Curia that Archbishop Atkinson-Wake firstly did not and was not introduced to H.H. Pope Benedict XVI as per published photographs.   

Their is so many images within this website that was taken over the 4 year period that clearly within their own right de jure and de facto challenge the Vatican curia's own statement and honesty. Even the fact, not only did Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake was several times been  permitted to be introduced with fellow Roman Catholic Vatican II bishops to HH Pope Benedict XVI, but also he was permitted to be vested and co-celebrate Mass on several occasions at St Peters Basilica in Rome with some of his fellow bishops from the Catholic Church of England & Wales.   We must remember many bishops consecrated with permission from a pope themselves have returned to the Roman Catholic Church as valid bishops. Over the centurys some have even become Popes themselves. 

our position within the religious world.


We are valid and licit Catholics.

(Illicit according to Vatican II) adhering to the ancient teaching pre Vatican II (1962). 

We see the Roman Catholic Church Vatican II as Schismatics.  As a Latin Rite Church we are accepted world wide as the true faith of the Catholic Church as this is the Mass used by Popes and our forefathers pre Vatican II (1962).  

The Novus Ordo (1962 to current day / date) However, it is a Schismatic Mass and so are their Ordination Rites as clearly demonstrated by Canon Gregory Hesse, S.T.D., J.C.D. of Vienna, Austria was ordained in 1981 in St. Peter's Basilica. He held doctorates in both Thomistic theology and Canon Law. From 1986-88 he served as Secretary to Cardinal Stickler at the Vatican. Canon Hesse spoke extensively on the true and false understanding of Papal infallibility and the modern errors in the understanding of sacred tradition, religious liberty and ecumenism brought about by the errors or obscurity and lack of definition in the documents of Vatican II based on established Church teaching from previous councils and Papal encyclicals. He also spoke on the question of the new Mass of Pope Paul VI making distinctions between the terms "valid" and "licit" again supported by past Church teaching.