What is a Rosary?

What is a Rosary you may wonder...and what is the meaning of the rosary beads?

The meaning of the Rosary is simply a Catholic prayer based upon the  Bible that focuses on the events in the life of Jesus and that of Mary the Mother  of Jesus. 

  In the Rosary prayer you make use of both vocal and mental prayer. Vocal prayer consists of the prayers listed below.  

Mental prayer is meditating upon the Rosary Mysteries which tell the life of Jesus and his mother Mary. 

The Roman Catholic Rosary prayers include the:

Simple table of Rosary   mysteries and days they are prayed on   Day  Rosary Mystery   Sunday Glorious   Monday Joyful   Tuesday Sorrowful   Wednesday Glorious   Thursday Luminous   Friday Sorrowful   Saturday Joyful    

The 3 basic prayers that make up the Rosary are:

 the Our Father prayer, the Hail Mary prayer and the Glory Be prayer. But since the Rosary consists of many other prayers it is usually prayed upon rosary beads  so as to keep track of the prayers and free your mind to meditate upon the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary. 

What is the meaning of the rosary beads you may ask... the actual Roman Catholic Rosary is made up of a cross or crucifix, a medal, large beads and small beads.  The basic Rosary diagram below is what a Rosary may look like although they come in all different types, shapes and sizes. 

How To Pray The Roman Catholic Rosary Instructions How To Use Rosary Beads

To pray the Rosary using rosary beads... 

  1. You start by making the Sign of the Cross with the cross in your hand.
  2. Then you say the Apostles Creed while still holding the cross.
  3. Then you move your fingers to the large bead above the cross and say the Our Father Prayer.
  4. Next you move on to the three small beads upon which you say the Hail Mary Prayer.
  5. Then the Glory Be Prayer.
  6. Then you announce the Rosary Mystery being said.
  7. Then an Our Father Prayer.
  8. Then 10 Hail Mary Prayers.
  9. Then the Glory Be Prayer.
  10. Then the Fatima Prayer.
  11. Then you repeat steps 7-10 until you have said a prayer on each bead  contained on the string of rosary beads.
  12. Then you finish the rosary with The Hail Holy Queen Prayer,  Breviary Prayer  and The Saint Michael Prayer and finally the Sign of the Cross.